Anger Aggression and Conflict

The repeat experience of anger can be exhausting and debilitating. Individuals can ruminate, exaggerate or anticipate negative experiences which serves to reinforce their internal negative thoughts and beliefs.

Personal, social and work relationships can all be affected when internal anger becomes externalised. This can be in the form of verbal conflict or physical aggression.

Hypnotherapy when combined with Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT) can enable clients to approach life with a fresh, positive perspective in which they are consciously aware of their thoughts and beliefs about themselves and others.

I combine rapid relaxation techniques with hypnosis to produce greater control and ability to manage anger or conflict in a positive manner. Self-hypnosis is taught and encouraged which serves to reinforce the effectiveness of therapy beyond the therapeutic treatment.

Immediate results can be obtained from this form of therapy as clients are empowered to manage their negative emotions or feelings with constructive, relaxing techniques.