Phobias and Fears

Many people experience irrational fears or phobias which can be extremely distressing. Common phobias relate to a fear of a specific item or event and can include a fear of flying, spiders, insects, birds, surgery, confined spaces or heights.

However, people can hold a phobia relating to other objects including buttons or clowns.

Fear of embarrassment, fear of public speaking and other social situation phobias can be extremely upsetting for people and can result in avoidance behaviours.

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in overcoming fears and phobias. The system I use combines hypnosis and systematic desensitisation in a 3 session protocol.

Initially, a relaxing, reassuring personal experience is harnessed and integrated within an effective relaxation technique. This allows you to increase your sense of control and enhances your inner calm.

The specific cause of your distress is then evaluated in terms of a hierarchy of disturbance you experience when faced with this item or situation.

Using hypnosis, we would desensitise your thoughts and feelings relating to the fear or phobia. Instead, positive affirmative anchors are integrated into therapy. This allows you to approach your target item or event in a calm, rational manner.

This form of clinical hypnotherapy produces rapid improvements which are sustained beyond therapy.