Psychological Therapy

Like counselling, the term "psychotherapy" is sometimes used to refer to talking therapies in general. However, psychotherapy is also a specific type of therapy. It may also be described as psychoanalytic or psychodynamic.

Psychotherapy is a more in-depth form of therapy than counselling, and it can be used to address a wider range of issues.

A psychotherapist can help you explore your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, which may involve discussing past events, such as those from your childhood.

They'll help you consider how your personality and life experiences influence your current thoughts, feelings, relationships, and behaviour. This understanding should enable you to deal with difficult situations more effectively.

Depending on your problem, psychotherapy can be short or long term. Adults, young people and children can all benefit from psychotherapy.

As a Chartered Psychologist, I have developed competence in a range of techniques which I can utilise in therapy. This has developed from extensive formal training, clinical practice, staff supervision, personal development and individual reflection.

I can draw upon skills relating to motivational interviewing, solution focused brief therapy, counselling skills, cognitive behaviour therapy, clinical assessment and case formulation.

I ensure that I have a clear assessment of an individual’s needs and devise a treatment plan which is realistic and appropriate to their targets and desired outcomes.